A delicious chocolate making workshop!

Our chocolate making workshop “The Chocolate Factory” is a great way to keep your team entertained while enjoying a totally new experience. This workshop creates a relaxed and fun environment, giving your team the chance to get to know each other better while creating tasty chocolates. Whether run as a team building activity or an ice-breaker at the start of a tight agenda of a meeting, this event is a great creative collaboration with a sweet and fabulous approach!

What happens during the class?

The workshop begins with a brief session where our professional chocolatiers give some knowledge about chocolate, the history of chocolate, the process of making, the ingredients used, and the differences between milk, dark and white chocolates.

The Chocolate Factory starts to work

chocolate workshop

Chocolate making class

Each participant will be provided with molds, trays, and some basic utensils to be used in chocolate making process. Aprons, gloves, caps, and sufficient amount of paper towels will be ready to ensure the hygiene and to prevent the messy workspace. Under the supervision of our chocolatier and by the help of our kindly facilitating staff, your team will make and decorate their own chocolate molds with several flavors and ingredients that we provide on our fancy Choco-Station. The Choco-Station is our common desk open for all teams furnished with a bunch of tasteful items that goes great with chocolate. Items include but not limited to nuts, marshmallows, cornflakes, dried fruits, oreos, cocoa powders, spices, glazes and so on.

During the course of each workshop, we generally find the participants in front of the choco-station, dipping the items into melted chocolate and tasting each of them to give a rank.

After the chocolates are unmolded, they are either served inside the class or placed into a box to take home.

Each time different recipes

We generally choose to work with mold for our chocolate workshops, in order to make it easier to run the class for every stage of participants. If you are a second timer to participate in our workshops, you will definitely will not get the same event for the second time. Recipes will change, flavors and types will be added, but the fabulous sweetness of chocolate will always remain constant!

The chocolate making workshops can either be run as a team activity or with a more competitive approach where guests race against the time to create the perfect taste. The emphasis is totally dependent to your team goals and we always welcome any kind of customization to our programs.

Lifelong benefits

At how many degrees a couverture is melted?  How much chocolate is poured into which mold? Which material and when can be added inside? Who will make the most beautiful chocolate? Reward your team with the magical world of chocolate. Apart from the knowledge gained, the experience shared will last lifelong. Contact our sales team to book a chocolate making workshop now.