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Experience more than a decade

HTC Events has been offering more than 70 different team building games and activities across Europe for the last 13 years.
We now launch all our team building games and activities in the US, all enhanced with a glimpse of American style. We serve nationwide. Regardless of any location or weather conditions, we have amazing team building choices for your corporate group.


Team building to motivate, to inspire, and to entertain.

We divide our team building programs under two main headings: Indoor Events and Outdoor Events. You can find the details and the lists of our programs below.

Outdoor Events

Taking your team into the great outdoors is an excellent way of breaking down barriers. It may either be a  huge scale outdoor event taking over the grounds of a resort hotel, or a smaller activity which involves stepping outside for an hour or two during a meeting. It may be a high energy challenge through the city streets or getting back to basics around a campfire in the woods. Regardless of its scope and content, an outdoor team building activity is always a great approach to boost team motivation with the help of some fresh air and daylight.

We offer numerous outdoor team games, and they don’t always require wide open spaces. We can either use the narrow streets of your neighborhood or a renowned museum or maybe a ranch outside the city proper. Whatever the location is, we guarantee an effective team engagement activity and lots of fun.

List of all our outdoor events can be found here.

Indoor Events

Indoor team building activities are the types of games we put forward when you need to add some dimension to your conference or event, whatever the weather conditions are. Being indoors doesn’t necessarily mean that teams can’t be challenged. We have many indoor games which may be pushing your creativity to its limits, forcing you to work under pressure with restrictions on time and use of resources, or requiring solving-out some ancient cryptic problems. Whatever your expectations are, either you need an ice-breaker, or an energy booster, or a complete team builder activity, we can offer you a solution with our indoor games. Strategic planning, open communication, and active team cooperation will lead your team to success.
List of all our indoor events can be found here.

Couldn’t find what you are looking for?

Check our tailor-made solutions

A genuine team building activity should have two functions: firstly it should be fun, socializing and entertaining and secondly, it should create a significant result for the team and company. Our experience in the event management industry enables us to offer a true solution that will fit your needs and offer real lasting value. If you are looking for something that we don’t have in our listings, or if you are not satisfied with one size fits all approach or maybe you have a unique theme, but no associated activity, feel free to contact our sales team and ask for a tailor-made solution for your needs.

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