Scavenger & Treasure Hunt: in NYC & all across the USA. An ultimate teamwork game!

scavenger and treasure hunt gamesA variety of puzzles and codes, bundled with trivia questions, and specific group tasks. We invite you to our scavenger and treasure hunt games, a 2-hours long teamwork challenge. Teams have to decipher the clues, perform the tasks and answer the questions to reach the ultimate reward… The Treasure!

Experience matters

Our Scavenger and Treasure Hunt games are probably the most chosen event among all our clients. It is the locomotive of our team-bonding exercises and is still our favorite even after 13 years of operational experience. We have organized treasure hunts all over the world, in different languages, to over 250 companies. Thanks to the exceptional flexibility of the event!

Version 1:  The Treasure Hunt Adventure:

The Treasure Hunt AdventureFirst of all, we bring the team building adventure experience to your meeting! This means you don’t need to find any other venue. Hiding clues in pre-arranged spots in your conference venue will be the tricky part of the game. So you have to solve each clue to learn where to go next! Teams of five start competing against each other, while routes and clues stay the same, but in reverse orders.

Competition transforms into joint effort

treasure hunting new york cityThe object of the game is to reach the treasure chest. Each team has their own set of clues and a unique route to the chest. Surprisingly towards the end of the game, participants find out that the only way to discover the treasure chest is to cooperate with other teams! Much as the corporate environment, small teams must fulfill their tasks to make sure the company hits the target! Since all participants contribute to team success, everybody wins!

Customizing the game

team building scavenger challengeWe can embed the theme of the conference, the brand motto, the campaign slogan or significant corporate goals in the flow of the game. Many companies in the past have selected our treasure hunt game, as an intermediary in delivering messages to the management team, as an orientation to newly appointed staff, or as an energy booster to the sales team. Either way, it promotes the employee engagement and provides a fun bonding experience!

Version 2:  The Scavenger Hunt Challenge:

The Scavenger Hunt ChallengeOur scavenger hunt is an ultimate race between the teams and requires fulfilling certain tasks, deciphering some clues, and answering some questions within a limited time frame.

We have pre-designed hunt locations all across the USA, but our primary location is the New York City. A scavenger hunt is a great way to discover the whole city from the most important historical sites to the modern and new spots, some of which you even never heard of. NYC offers us an unlimited variety of choices for our scavenger hunt games and associated venues. From the Grand Central Station to the Metropolitan Museum, or the Central Park or the American Museum of Natural History. From the downtown to the midtown, Big Apple has the best options for a truly fun and engaging treasure hunt experience, which makes it the hottest destination for a team building game.

Something for everyone, everyone for something

In a scavenger hunt game, there’s always something for everyone to learn and discover.  Teams will earn points by performing some challenging tasks, cracking some codes, and answering some site-specific trivia. The quest is amusing and will let the team unplug from the business environment. Finally, the team with the most points becomes the winner of the game!

The perfect fit for any team

Treasure & Scavenger Hunt gamesOur scavenger hunts fit perfectly for team away days, for incentive or conference groups who want to take in sights of the host city, and for new hire orientations. Consequently, we can end up the game at a bar or restaurant to celebrate.

The most noteworthy point is, full team-building facilitation on-site is included in all versions of our Treasure & Scavenger Hunt games.