Team building through painting

Paint Teams is a creative and cohesive big picture painting team building event, where participants work together to paint their section of a large masterpiece.  Sections, when put together in order, will form one big masterpiece.

Inspire and energize your team!

No worries! Experience or artistic skills have no meaning and not required in this colorful team event. Our professional artists and our devoted team will be right behind you in every step of the activity.

Professional artist on site

big picture team building activityThe whole event will be supported by our professional artists from the very beginning to the last touch. At first place, before the event, our artists will work together with you to create a multi-canvas artwork, which reflects your company values, guidelines, and without a doubt incorporates your logo, brand image, and typography. Our artist will also be on site, supervising the event, and coordinating all the stages.

Many canvasses, one picture

painting workshop big picture teamworkThe artwork will be divided into grids and the design of each grid will be outlined on a separate canvas. The outlines will be marked with the matching color codes. Teams communicate and collaborate to match the color codes with the paints, to paint with true colors. Teams will know what their canvas will look like: however, the final image will be confidential.

Paint Teams’ Materials

painting as team buildingEach team will work on one individual canvas, placed on an easel. We will provide all the relevant materials such as colorful paints, brushes, aprons, gloves and cleaning items. We use acrylic paints, allowing us to clean easily any undesired paint. Needless to say that the floors will be covered with a cloth, as a precaution to paint spills.

The offstage work

teamwork by painting the big pictureOnce the painting phase ends, we will request a breakout time from the participants, and ask everybody to move to a different space. This is where our team building efforts start. We will collect all the canvases and frame them together in the correct order. As soon as we make sure all the paint is dried, we will cover the final masterpiece with a large posh veil, to elevate the excitement of the reveal moment.

Final reveal moment

painting teamwork big picture team building eventAs soon as the guests return to the conference room, we will ask for a closing speech from the manager/leader of the group; as a result, the masterpiece will be revealed for the first time. This is an exceptionally “it” moment for any employee and any company because it refers to the sense of belonging and commitment. We will witness tons of cheering, whistling, and applauses,  together with constant camera flashes.

Paint teams event is one of our most popular events,  probably with the most astonishing finale. It is a clear evidence of that small teamwork efforts can produce such a big masterpiece. Proportional to the scale of the masterpiece, the outcomes are multiplied.

Lifetime memory

What you get is tangible and permanent. You can demonstrate the bespoke masterpiece at your workplace, as a reminder of your team’s notable collaboration. By doing so, you will also inspire the other teams in the company, proving that true teamwork can lead to outstanding results.

CSR / Charity ideas

Looking for a charitable event? You can use your masterpieces to brighten up wall spaces in hospitals, shelters, schools or nurseries. Further ideas can be discussed with our sales team. Please feel free to contact for exchanging ideas.