Team Building Obstacle Courses: Survive the challenge

obstacle courses team buildingWith our team building obstacle courses, we offer exactly the same as it is defined in a dictionary: series of challenging physical obstacles. A series of real physical obstacles challenge the teams to unite, to cooperate, and to develop skills to reach the solutions. We are familiar with cargo nets, vertical walls, labyrinths, balance boards, and all you can imagine. We can customize an endless combination of all our obstacles, resulting in a challenging team building course.

High-energy competition

adventure team challengeWe have highly engaging survivor style team games, which combine the high-energy competition with basic athletic skills. Firstly we start the day with the warm welcoming ice-breaker games. Following the warm-up stage, we split the teams into groups of 8-10 and distribute their uniquely colored bandanas, for easy identification. Then we start the challenge with the long, loud whistle of our entertaining moderator. Teams will rotate through selected obstacle courses in an attempt to win the Gold, Silver or Bronze medals at the end of the day.

Great for non-competitive teams too

corporate survivor raceThe theme allows the setup to be very flexible so we designed two versions for this event. In the first version, we carry it out as an adventure race and award the winning teams at the end of the day. For the teams unlikely to involve in a competition, we suggest our second version, where we have a true teamwork finale, with an unforgettable closing message. Teams collect puzzle pieces from each obstacle course they finish and finally put them together to build the big picture. Both versions are extremely engaging, highly socializing, and true team building.

Key elements

Our survivor games underline the key elements such as self–confidence, communication, cooperation, trust, and leadership. We can run the event either on a flat grassy field such as a state park or at the beach. Additionally, we can offer you many add-ons to spice up the event, such as high-energy music for inspiration.

Combined programs

Our “Survivor” themed team building obstacle courses can be customized as either a half or full day program. We can combine with other teambuilding games & activities so that you can have a complete agenda for a teamwork weekend. They can either be moderated separately or grifted into each other; both will be delivering a great team building experience.