Aiming for the Oscar is a “movie making team building” activity where you will produce your unique version of a famous Hollywood blockbuster. This movie-making project will truly captivate your teammates since everybody love movies!  Furthermore, the outcome will be hilariously fun and long lasting!

Movie Making Team Building

The movie making process is a team effort

With this movie making teambuilding event, you will experience an accelerated process that Hollywood uses to make big-budget movies. Your team will develop the script, shooting the film and finally premiere the film at our themed night.

Unleash your imagination

Team Building Make a MovieWe have several themes ready such as Western, Bollywood, Zombie, James Bond, Star Wars, Super Heroes, and much more. The opportunities are endless, while the resources are limited. We will be providing all the specialist technical equipment together with a limited array of costumes and specific props. All you have to do is imagine, just like the movie makers do all around the world!

Excellent team building transforms into a great themed party!

The whole movie making team building event is comprised of four steps. The first step is screenwriting, which requires 60 to 90 minutes, and the second step is shooting, which requires 60 to 90 minutes as well. The third step is editing, which does not involve any team members. Duration depends on the total number of films to edit. The last level is the most entertaining one: our Oscar’s style evening accompanied by a gala dinner or a cocktail party. This final stage makes this activity a great evening entertainment as well as being an excellent team building tool.

Screenwriting stage

Movie Making TeamsAt the start of the event, we will be having a short orientation on how to plan and produce a film for the whole group. Then the group will be divided into teams of 15-20 to create their own Hollywood style masterpieces. The teams first have to prepare their scripts where they will draft a plot, allocate the characters and write the dialogues. This stage will take between 60-90 minutes.

Rehearsals & Shooting

After some reading and acting rehearsals, teams will get ready to shoot their 5-7 minutes short-movies.  Teams also can push their creativity to the limits and find or create their own items of accessories. Needless to say, we will provide full support for teams to get what they imagined. We will be assisting each team’s effort along the way.

And the Oscar goes to…

Lights Camera Action Team BuildingWith the final shout “That’s a wrap team!” takes place, it’s over for you, but it will be a fresh start for us. Because our professional editing staff will start the “post-production” stage where they will capture the videos and edit it for the night’s or the next day’s premiere. When the editing is done, it means movies are ready to screen. Teams will take their places on the red carpet and join us at the gala reception. As each team’s masterpiece is screened, the fun and excitement will grow. Finally,  “Oscars” style awards ceremony will take place and the awards will be presented in the best-known categories: best actor, best actress, best picture, best screenplay, and an honorary award.

Afterwards, we will provide the whole team with a permanent record of their movies to enjoy and keep a lifetime memory.

The venue and the budget vary depending on the number of participants and number of groups attending. Feel free to contact our sales team to get a quote and to find location alternatives for this event.