Legomania: fun and creative lego sculpting team building event

lego sculpting team buildingLegomania is a lego sculpting team building game where each team is responsible for designing, building, and presenting their own Lego sculptures.  Teams will do lego sculpting together to compete against other teams and finally make their presentations to the jury. The rule of the game is simple: only LEGO pieces can be used in the design.

Educational and creative

Lego is not only a toy; it is educational, creative and timeless. Furthermore, it appeals to all ages. Probably, you rarely find someone who has never ever played with LEGO in their lifetime.  This fact consequently inspired us to use colorful Lego bricks in our team building exercises. This is how we came up with the idea of Legomania.

Group mission vs. personal goals

lego challenge teamworkTeams split up, and take their places around a table, each equipped with a box of lego. Their task is clear; they will work together to build a structure out of lego. And then comes the challenge. We will hand out a piece of paper for each participant, where an individual assignment is written. It is not allowed to share individual assignments with the rest of the team. This secret assignment will make the collaboration more challenging.

Work in silence

The timing of Legomania event is 60 minutes; 30 minutes to build, 30 minutes to present. It is a silent game: teams do not speak during the building process. When the time is up, teams have to guess the assignments of the other members of their group. Finally, everybody will share their secret assignments with each other.

Presentation & Evaluation

lego sculpting legomania challengeAfter the building phase ends, teams get ready to present their works to the moderator and other teams. All works will be evaluated in some areas including presentation, design, and coherence to team assignments. While we award the winning team with their trophies, we recognize each team for their outstanding effort.


Lego building solely improves creative and analytical thinking skills, yet we evolve the whole concept with the team building notion. As a result, Legomania becomes a highly engaging team exercise with the opportunity for employees to act like kids again. The Legomania activity mainly focuses on group communication, leadership dynamics, conflict, cooperation, patience and problem-solving strategy.

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