Lawn games get you in the mood in minutes!

lawn games team challengesWe are offering several small scaled yard games under the “Lawn Games” heading. Lawn games outdoor team building activities are ground-based, low obstacle course events, no specialized equipment needed, more for team building and corporate development. They are fun and engaging, and highly sociable so that it increases the team motivation in minutes.

We have all the classic games

outdoor training team buildingAccording to your group size, we draft the number of games you will need and build the station. We choose among the most popular lawn games such as the trolley, gondola, all aboard, traffic, minefield, spider web, helium stick. We continuously add new games to the list especially relevant to team building.

Group sizes & Teams

corporate lawn games Our Lawn Games outdoor team building event is the perfect summer chill-out for 20 to 250 people. Firstly, we split the teams into groups, each comprised of 8 to 10 pax. We establish several game stations, each offering a different physical challenge. Teams compete against each other for about 2 hours on different stations. During the games, we will count the scores for each team. Hence, the trophy will be presented to the team with maximum score.


team building challenge gamesAll local parks, gardens, yards, wherever you are in the greenery with sufficient amount of private area. We can provide you full assistance in selecting the location for your outings. Feel free to ask our sales team for support.

Key elements

We introduce participants to activities and games requiring strategy, and problem-solving. Leadership and communication skills are assets. Teams are expected to associate the activity with the real life. Noteworthy outcomes, such as team building and trust building, are immediate and last a lifetime.


outdoor teamwork gamesWe have referees to facilitate each station, all equipped with stopwatches, whistles, and scorecards. The refs keep time, calculate points and announce winners at each station. Finally, when all challenges are concluded, the moderator takes the mic for a closing speech and declares the overall winners! Whilst awarding the winning teams with our trophies, we praise all participants for their participation, and challenge them for the next year’s Lawn Games!