It’s winter and it’s freezing outside. Team building doesn’t have to stop! Rather, it should continue more than ever!

As the temperature is getting cooler and the daylight hours are reducing, we observe some negative impacts in our workplaces and offices. A dip in staff morale, increases in sick leaves, work overload due to end-year reports, all leads to a decrease in overall performance. In order to address these issues, HR teams have to find new things to do each winter, something attractive and fun, to perform as a team.

Here are 4 reasons why winter is still the perfect time for team building!

1. Team building activities can be staged outdoors or indoors

Winter can bring some beautiful sunny conditions even in NYC where we observe frigid temperatures from time to time. Even if this is the case, teams can take the advantage of being outdoors with the help of some fresh air, the sunshine and the city surrounds. It’s a great energizer for everybody and doesn’t have to involve a physical challenge.

Almost all of our 50+ team building programs can be run outdoors, with our free bad weather backup option, which means in case the forecast shows rain in your event day, you still will have a team building event on the plan, with the same benefits, but indoors.

We have great venues for all our team events, it may either be a conference hall, a rented kitchen, a gymnasium or even a winery. So, let the bad weather deter you from your plans. Our team building events can be delivered either outdoors or indoors.

2. Celebrations

Make the holiday season a reason to get together. Refrain from exaggerating, keeping in mind that your colleagues may not observe the same holidays. But you should at least be having a holiday party, where you will expect everyone to get involved in the joy.  And why not integrating it with a team building activity? It will boost the morale, and be the reason to reward your team members for their efforts.

3. Charities in need during the colder months.

Most of the charities receive less support during winter, the time they need it the most.

Charities supporting the homeless, the animals, and the elderly are all in need particularly in the colder months. It would be the ideal time to do a charity team building program as part of your CSR objectives. We have many great charitable team events, that allow you to give back to your local community or a cause in need.

The best part is that you don’t have to worry about the bad weather, since all of our charitable events can be delivered indoors.

4. Lost in the daily grind

Staff morale decreases during the winter months due to bad weather. The increase in colds and flus result in consecutive sick leaves, which piles up the workload on the staff and therefore affects the overall mood and morale.

Why not surprise your group with some fun and engaging team events? It will help the staff to boost their performance and energy, besides it will dust off the inertia due to the holiday break.

Now you have 4 amazing reasons to plan your next corporate team building activity within the next few months. If you need help, reach out!

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