Chain Reaction, inspiration becomes real!

Chain Reaction game is an energetic teambuilding event, inspired by the Pulitzer-winner cartoonist, sculptor, author, engineer, and inventor Rube Goldberg. Using his engineering skills, Rube Goldberg depicted bizarre mechanisms that perform simple tasks in indirect, convoluted ways. The inspiration is now a real experience for your team.

Easy destination, crazy route

In this game, teams will compete against each other to design and assemble their own simple machine.  The machine should perform a very simple task in an insane complex manner and should operate fully functionally. Since the mission is challenging, teams have to think strategically and develop a common vision in order to bring their crazy invention to life!

Creative & Collaborative

chain reaction team buildingThis is a hands-on and table-top indoor Team Building activity where teams compete against each other by collaborating in small groups. Firstly, we will give a quick brief of what the mechanism should look like. Then we will provide each team, a series of unique, obscure, and interesting materials ranging from domino blocks, cardboard boxes, ping pong balls, marbles, balloons, levers, pipes and so on. Teams have to build a table-based chain reaction using these materials.

Teamwork is essential

Once the task and instructions are set forth, most of the participants generally don’t believe that they can produce such a domino-style station out of the irrelevant resources provided.  As soon as the wheels of teamwork start turning, teams gain their confidence and believe more in their projects.

Twisty reveal

rube goldberg machinesWhile the building phase continues, the moderator will assign a new task for the teams. They should link their individual structures in such a way that we should have one big synergetic machine in the finale.  This means that, in order to successfully complete their task, each team must communicate and collaborate with their surrounding teams rather than just focusing their attention on their individual work. Our twisty approach underlines the importance of communication, planning, and the power of working together!

The cohesive ending

After construction and testing stages are complete, teams, buzzed with excitement, will take their places and get ready for the start. All eyes on the machine, we will trigger the action and watch it flow to see if it operates without any interruption.

What if the machine doesn’t work?

team building simple machinesRemembering that it is only a game, we just intervene the pausing action and let the chain reaction flow. Because, in the end, we appraise the collaborative effort, not the outcome.

Chain Reaction resembles the real-life problems, such as time and resources are limited, individual efforts affect the big team, and the feedback-feedforward cycle is essential. It is a fantastic team building exercise, and many HR professionals use this game to develop creative teamwork among the company.

Duration & The venue

Chain reaction event is a half-day team activity rather than a full team building day. This means you can incorporate another team event or a half day meeting or conference.

The chain reaction is mainly an indoor team building activity; however, crowded groups in need of massive spaces can use outdoors as well. You can consult our sales team to find location alternatives for this event.