Boomwhackers means joy!

Boomwhackers team building event is an extremely fun activity, where teams will interactively play music with colorful plastic tubes called “Boomwhackers“.

Inspired by the xylophones, inspires your team!

Do you remember from childhood, the colorful xylophones that we used to play? When you tap on each color, it sounds a separate note and allows you to play a rhythmic song. Our colorful tubes called “Boomwhackers” was inspired by those xylophones when they were invented in 1995. Each boomwhacker plays a pleasing sound on its own distinct note when we struck with our hand. So we can create an instant orchestra from your team just within minutes of practicing the beats of Boomwhackers.

Team Spirit & Sense of common rhythm

In our interactive workshop, we will use sets of diatonic scale Boomwhackers, so we will have 8 different colors of tubes, representing the 8 notes from C to C. Therefore, we will split your team into 8 groups, whatever the total group size is. Firstly, we will provide each group their own distinct color of tubes so that each team will play their one note only. Then, our percussion artist will step on the stage and after a few rehearsals, team spirit and sense of common rhythm will emerge. Finally and in a very short time, the whole team will learn how to play a song together.

Energizing, Ice-Breaking, Team bonding

Boomwhackers is a highly energetic and extremely visual corporate team activity, thanks to this colorful form of the instrument. It can be used for a variety of purposes, either as an icebreaker, or an energizer or maybe a flash mob during a dull conference. It has a very immediate impact on the participants and easily changes the mood and energy level.

No setup time needed

The handing out and handing back of the instruments takes only minutes, so it is not disruptive. It does not ruin the flow of your event and avoids any lag before the next speaker on the agenda. Furthermore, it is not as loud as the standard percussion instruments, so it is a perfect choice if you have noise concerns.

Easy transport

Boomwhackers are surprisingly lightweight and easily transportable to any location. This makes the event cost effective since we can carry the event materials in a suitcase on any flight across America.

Accommodates any size group

Either for a group of five or 500, Boomwhackers is the right solution to boost your team vibes.  The experience is unlike any other musical events, it is highly engaging and inspiring.


Our Rhythm and Percussion workshops are not limited to Boomwhackers team building event. Contact us to see all other options such as Body Percussion, Drumming, and many other options.