The human body is spontaneously rhythmic!

body percussion teamworkOur body is the most important communicative tool that we use every day. It always goes with the rhythm of our routine and plays its own music. Listen to your footsteps when walking, or your fingers while typing on the keyboard. Even in a deep sleep, we make sounds, and our heart beats in a perfect rhythm every day. When you hear your favorite song on the radio, our foot starts to beat the tempo. It is instinctive, primal and, above all, natural. Our body is spontaneously rhythmic! Let’s use these instincts in making music together, but, without an instrument.

Turn your team into a large body percussion orchestra!

Body percussion is a fantastic activity to create a team spirit in a very short time. Music is the common language for people and breaks down the barriers in conferences, galas, congress, conventions, and fairs. You can turn your team into a large orchestra and put people in the right mood of energy.

How we do it?

body percussion team buildingThe percussion instruments produce sound when a player hits, scrapes rubs or shakes them to produce vibrations. These techniques can also be applied to the human body. We will use the body movements and the voice to produce music, consequently to energize the participants in a very funny and positive way. We will be stamping our feet, patting our thighs, clapping hands, clicking our fingers or hitting our chests. Finally, we will be performing a great rock or pop song just through the use of our body and voice, with harmony and total synchronicity.

Flexible and adaptable

body percussion team building workshopOur workshop is totally flexible in terms of timing and flow. Our initial approach is to have this activity at the beginning of a conference as an ice-breaker, to create a team spirit ambiance, even if the participants see each other for the first time. The second alternative is, using this workshop as a revitalizer during the breaks, in an effort to improve the mindfulness and communication. The third and last approach is to use it as a wrap-up, mostly to celebrate an achievement of a goal or similar. The total duration can take between 15 to 40 minutes, totally depending on your preference.