Bike building for a cause

csr team building eventBicycle dream is the famous bike building charity event, and it is one of the oldest but most powerful tools to develop CSR awareness while creating a collaborative energy across teams. It is a widely used team building activity all over the world and has a tangible and memorable outcome, whose impacts last for the lifetime.

Hands-on challenge

bike building team eventThis is a hands-on challenge where teams of five work together to build bicycles for a children’s charity. In order to do this, we will provide each team all of the bicycle parts and a series of tools and materials.  We then will ask them to mount these bicycle parts together within a limited time frame. While the hands-on work is getting done, teams will realize that they have some missing bicycle parts and lack of some tools. Sharing the missing items will force the teams to collaborate with each other, instead of competing against.

Power of Collaboration

charitable team buildingOnce the building phase is over, we will give the teams their last assignment. They will now decorate all the bicycles with balloons, colorful wraps, and a personalized card with their team number. The guests will surely know that they are building those bicycles for children, but what they do not know is, children will be coming to get their the bicycles themselves.

Presence of on-site technicians

We will have fully equipped technicians on-site to inspect all bicycles carefully before delivering them to children. Furthermore, the technicians will be supervising the teams in the event of a team’s failure to build the bike.

The heart-melting wrap-up

bike donation charity eventWhen we line up all the bikes on the podium, all participants generally think that this is the last stage of the event. This is where our moderator will cut-in and announce the surprising news: “Ladies and Gentleman, we have learned that our bespoken charity and the children are here to receive their bikes.” As the children step in, we start hearing the cheers and applause from the crowd. This little teary but a very influential ending wraps up with a closing speech and a group photo.