The Balloon World

The balloon world is a colorful and energizer balloon art team building project, designed to get people work together to unleash their creativity & potential as true team players!

Creative balloon art

It is an amazing and truly creative team building event, where we ask you to build standalone sculptures with balloons only, as a team of 5-6 pax participants. Each team will create its own artistic work in conformity with the rules of the game. Rules are simple: Teams have to finish their works within a time limit. The design should be free standing. The use of resources should be innovative.

Choose a theme or go “freestyle!”

The building phase is exceptionally engaging. Team members will be working together in a cooperative effort with a shared goal. We have two different versions of this event. In our “freestyle” version, teams first have to find a unique and exceptional idea, then create their own masterpieces. In our “themed” version, we provide the theme, so they only have to create their artworks in true accordance. The freestyle version is a rather creative and collaborative activity whereas the themed version is a challenge with a competitive edge.

Our jury will grade the themed masterpieces in the finale, so that we will have rewards for winning teams. In either version, teamwork with fun is 100% guaranteed, keeping in mind that “a company plays together, stays together.”

We will provide expert tips & guidance throughout the event. To get some detailed information and get your personalized quote for this event, feel free to contact our sales team.