Corporate Cooking Classes & Culinary Team Building Event

Taste of Success is a culinary team building event where participants are assigned to prepare a multi-course meal within a limited time frame and as a team. We have several menus under several cuisines from the world in our corporate cooking classes.

Food brings people together

cooking class team buildingThe Kitchen ambiance itself has a captivating atmosphere for everybody. In parties, family reunions, holiday dinners, whatever the occasion is, almost everyone gathers in the kitchen. Because the joy of cooking and eating together is priceless. Food breaks down the barriers, creates common tastes, hence unites people. Then why don’t we use it in the corporate environment as an instrument of teambuilding for employees?

Professional Chef on site

cook for teamworkFirstly, we divide your group into teams, where each team will be cooking a different course of the menu that you’ve selected before the event. Throughout the event, we will have an instructor chef on site, supervising the whole cooking line, and finally acting as a jury. Our chef will not only coordinate the stages of cooking but also will teach you some specific tricks that you are going to use even at home.

Group sizes & Duration

A typical cooking class runs about 2 to 3 hours, where you will have approximately 1.5 hours hands-on cooking, and 1.5 hours enjoying the food with a selection of wines & spirits. Keeping the team size small will be the key to increase the overall satisfaction with the event. The maximum number of attendees should not exceed 50 pax. The minimum can be 6-8 pax.

Cooking is the entertainment

cooking workshop team buildingCooking classes are enjoyable and engaging for the whole group; they are ideal for company celebrations, off-site meetings, and away-days. Preparing food together is a heartwarming way to socialize and make moments. All the measuring, stirring, chopping, and frying thing is very therapeutical much like any other routine work. In conclusion, teams will enjoy the meal together and celebrate their successful work. Optionally, our chef can judge the teams according to their presentation and tastes of the food they prepare.

No need to rent a kitchen space!

Our cooking workshop “Taste of Success” can be arranged either in your favorite conference center or even in your office. We only need a table for each group, the required utensils, the recipes and the ingredients will be provided by us.

CSR / Charity ideas

Looking for a charitable event? The event may be altered to cook for a cause, and the food can be shared with local shelters, hospices, or nurseries. Further ideas can be discussed with our sales team. Please feel free to contact for exchanging ideas.